Important message from Host Visions

You may have noticed a sudden lack of contact from Host Visions over the last week or so, and no way to pay invoices or even view the main website. This page should explain why and what you need to do to keep your service active.

HostVisions was sold to GigaTux, a small UK-based hosting company. Unfortunately, it seems as though the previous owner of HostVisions disappeared as soon as the purchase was complete and he no longer responds to any communications. Unfortunately, the HostVisions site was also hacked and all information deleted which means that GigaTux no longer has control of the service (although GigaTux does own the domain name at least). The company that owns the physical server is unable to provide GigaTux access as the account is still in the personal name of the previous owner of HostVisions.

How to keep your service active

You must get in touch with us GigaTux at so we can transfer your web site to our own servers. We have absolutely no idea how long your site will remain active on the current service as we have absolutely no control over it. Please let us know your site URL and cPanel credentials and we'll move things across immediately. We'll sort out all the billing later - the most important thing for us is that your data is safe.

Sorry for all this inconvenience. We're the good guys here - it's just unfortunate that the previous owner seems to have stranded all of you.